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Our Focus

Interim & Part-time Management

Crisis & Cash Management

Financial & Operational Restructuring

Vendor & Customer Relations

Lender Relations & Negotiations

Debt & Equity Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Receivership

Business Sale & Aquisition

Financial & Operational Due Diligence

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Reviews

Expert Witness Testimony

About Us


Our Group

Group Value.  Faced with limited staffing and accelerated changes in  competition, technology and information, today's businesses find it ever more difficult to address critical opportunities and issues.  This is where Kraska Management Group adds value!  We help our clients evaluate their situation and formulate action plans to enhance stability, market share, growth and profitability.

Group Approach.  We use interactive, team methods to identify core business problems and their causes.  Leveraging experience, information and knowledge, we develop effective action plans and support their implementation.

We view each client assignment as unique.  Rather than offering boilerplate responses, we tailor innovative solutions to each client's needs and circumstances. We help formulate and implement client objectives.

Group Resources.  Our associates have a wide range of expertise and they are at the forefront of emerging business trends and technology.  They serve as a continuing source of new and creative ideas.
Client Benefits.   We deliver positive results for a fraction of the cost and time it would take to recruit a permanent staff.   Our diverse business expertise allows us to implement integrated business solutions that are effective at all levels of a client's operation.  With Kraska Management Group, our clients have an objective business partner who shares their management goals.